The Characters

Delilah James: career oriented and driven event planner who is in control of everything, except for her love life. She heads up her business Delilah James Events with complete precision and she does it brilliantly. She is sometimes so career-focused that she misses when love may be right under her nose.  There’s another reason she keeps love at a distance, though. For reasons that are her own, she’s fighting to keep a secret hidden from her business partners, let alone any potential suitors;  she’s transgender, but it’s not the entirety of her, nor her story, and she wants to prevent it defining her at all costs.

TJ : Known by her family as Theadora Johnson, TJ is Delilah’s right-hand woman.  Strong, brash, protective and a little driven by her libido, TJ champions Delilah and makes the best personal assistant anyone could ask for. She’s been a proud and unapologetic maneater for so long, now she isn’t sure how to cope with the feelings of deep affection she now finds herself experiencing.

Matthias Kemp: This divorced restaurateur is a man of means.  After spending 7 years in Italy studying food and wine he returned to create his little slice of restaurant heaven which he calls “L’Uva Toscana“.  He struggles trying to keep a professional relationship with Delilah despite his intense attraction to her.

Phillipa Simms:  Socialite and self proclaimed fashionista is a former intern of Delilah’s who is determined to destroy Delilah’s career and any chance of love she might have. Phillipa sabotages her events and dates in attempts to find out that tantalizing secret of hers.

Nate Baker: Delilah’s school-girl crush and head coach of the football team. A small town man who finds Delilah on a friend’s GROOP!Place, he’s instantly attracted to Delilah. But he’s got a few secrets of his own.

Simon Wright: The perfect numbers man, Simon is Delilah James Events accountant. He lives in his fantasies and is out of place when he’s faced with a crisis.  A little obsessed with Harry Styles, Sherlock and Charmed, he has vision boarded all that shit.

Patrick O’Leary: Tech Manager for DJE, he’s the resident muscle and gym rat.  Charming and sensual, there’s no one he won’t bang.

Shanna Martin: Is the mid-20s office intern.  She’s mousey, quirky and asthmatic, but could go far. She sometimes accidentally gets things right, and is always ready to comment on all things romance.

Renard DeJardin: Famous fashion designer who became friends with Delilah before either one of them went by those names.  Although he’s busy flitting around the world the two speak frequently.

Emma James: Delilah’s mother.  Tortured and estranged from her daughter for quite a while now, they finally reconnect. The re-connection sparks a renewed struggle  in their lives with some proverbial skeletons in both of their dark pasts rearing their ugly heads.

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